About Us

PSPN Mission Statement

About Primary Spine Practitioner Netword The Primary Spine Practitioner Network will change the nature and structure of how spine care is delivered nationally and internationally

What We Do

The Primary Spine Provider Network provides an organized platform, training and collaboration forum for a unique and new type of health care provider, the Primary Spine Practitioner (PSP). This individual is provided specific training, tools and support to augment existing attributes regardless of the practitioner’s specific discipline. The PSP role allows for the existing professional workforce to be re-purposed to fill the need for first contact, best evidence, low cost management of all spine related disorders (SRDs). By standardizing the training and clinical approach of the PSP in a patient centered, evidence based manner, with the three part mandate of lower costs, better outcomes and highest satisfaction, the patient is served front and center in the most effective, sustainable, evergreen approach.

PSPN Values

Patient centered, evidence influenced, collegial, passionate about the highest quality patient care, collaborative, high-integrity, compassionate, high value spine care

PSPN summary statement

The PSPN is a network of providers and organizations interested in training, promoting and utilizing the primary spine practitioner as the front line provider to bring better care, better outcomes and better costs to the evaluation and treatment of spine related disorders.


The primary spine practitioner network: bringing high value to spine care.

The Primary Spine Practitioner...the simple solution to a complex problem